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Orange Tree Foundation (OTF) is a National,

Non-Profit, Strategic Organisation.

Through its work with young people and women, OTF fosters the ripple effects of positive change, crafting holistic solutions for the communities that currently have limited resources & access.

The organisation's name is adopted from UN's "Orange the World" campaign. Our name reflects our fight for a brighter future,

free from violence against women and girls.

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India's youth (15-29 years) make up 27.3% of the country's total population in 2021 and 25.9% in 2026, according to Census projections.

Young people have immense potential to become economic powerhouses, but .....

Social constructs like early marriages, adverse social norms, inadequate education, lack of employment opportunities, and structural poverty hinder their development

Post COVID-19 realities pushed them for abrupt discontinuation of education, limited access to health services, loss of existing job or job opportunities, household income loss, social and peer isolation, and migration stress.

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India should strategically invest in young people's health, education, skill development, and employability space to enhance future development prospects. (The Country's 75% economic output comes from services and industry)

Our Mission

Our mission is to strengthen young people especially women and girls on 21st-century leadership, and play an active role in reducing social and economic poverty and inequality.

Our Comittment

Working with young people, OTF strives to become a center of excellence for life skill development that continually responds to changing social realities through the development and application of knowledge.

SDG Good Health and Wellbeing
SDG Quality Education
SDG Gender Equality
SDG Reduced Inequalities
SDG Partnerships For The Goals

Knowledge Development

Please write at to access the resources developed by OTF India


A Comprehensive Life Skills and SRH Curriculum for Young Couples of Southern Rajasthan

Anubhooti - Sapnon Ki

A Three Years long Life Skills strategy for KGBV girls in Rajasthan

Aspiration of Youth

Unleashing the voices of youth across Rajasthan and reflecting the state governmnet efforts and investments through youth empowerment

Life Skills Worksheets

Worksheets for young people to unleash their potential through Life Skills approach.

Programmes & Fostering Leaderships

Creating Vibrant School Cultures in Government Schools in Nagaur District, Rajasthan

Project AquaConnect: Bringing Clean Tap Water to Barmer's 86 Villages

Career Counselling of Students in Government Schools of Nagaur, Rajasthan

400+ Young people,

800+ Artisans,

500+ Farmers

100+Development Professionals Trained

theme: Life Skills, Gender, Entrepreneurship, Logical Framework Analysis, DIgital and Financial Literacy

Research &


Landscaping of Livelihood avenues in Urban Slums of 3 Districts of Rajasthan -

Kota, Bharatpur and Bikaner

Understanding the impact of electricity availability and quality on lifestyle: A comparative trajectory in Rural and Urban Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan

Study on Underlying Enablers and Barriers for Marriage Registration in Rajasthan

Project Evaluations:

Fair Trade Forum of India, Hindustan ZInc Limited,

Azim Premji Foundation,

EMpower; SP Finance, and more

Life Skills has always been the key to opening paths and possibilities Our goal remains the same to forge that key for anybody who needs it

Our National Footprint

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Young People



Women Impacted


Farmers Impacted

SDG Good Health and Wellbeing
SDG Quality Education
SDG Gender Equality
SDG Reduced Inequalities
SDG Partnerships For The Goals

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Our Presence

Head Office:

Orange Tree,

No.08, Imratiya Bera, Income tax colony,

Paota C-Road, Jodhpur, Rajasthan (342006)

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Connect With Us

Are you interested in working on young people's issues? Then, join OTF!

We promote pluralism and equal opportunity. OTF believes in supporting young feminist leadership and is committed to working with young development professionals, researchers and students.

Interns at OTF are taken on a rolling or project basis. Please send an email with a cover letter, and CV to with the subject line "Internship".

Institutional Partnerships

Indian Institute of Technology,

Jodhpur, Rajasthan


The State University of New Jersey

Parul University,

Vadodara, Gujarat

Association for Rural Advancement through Voluntary Action & Local Involvement, Rajasthan

Technical Financial Partnerships